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Get ready for mech-crushing PvP battles! Jump into hard-hitting online gameplay with players from across the world and compete in multiplayer TPS robot combat.
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Aug 9, 2021
Jun 24, 2024
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What's new

The Age of Heroes Special Event is coming very soon!

The 3.150 update lays the groundwork for an upcoming Mech and Weapons:

- Blockhorn Mech: This Legendary Tank has high max Energy, and can deploy a Damage-boosting shield with its Ability.
- Overdriver Weapons: New Assault Weapons that fire continuously, and get deadlier the longer they're fired, but can Burnout - triggering a cool-off timer before they can fire again.

Get these all-new items when the Age of Heroes Event begins!


Version Size Requirements Date
3.155.00 176.2 MB 5.1 16/07/2024
3.130.20 176.74 MB 5.1 11/06/2024
3.130.00 176.74 MB 5.1 28/05/2024


Get ready for mech-crushing PvP battles! Jump into hard-hitting online gameplay with players from across the world and compete in multiplayer TPS robot combat.

With dozens of mechs and a vast arsenal of weapons to choose from, you’ll build out a hangar of badass battle robots. Free fire on your enemies and win at any cost. Just get ready for a fast-paced fight. Super-quick matchmaking gets you straight into the PvP action.

This isn’t your standard shooter or fighting game. Enter the Mech Arena today and bring the thunder.

| Features |

Endless Mech Builds

With 25+ distinctive mechs and 90+ weapons to play with, you choose how to get your battle robots ready for war. Upgrade your favorites and trick them out with 1000+ skins to gun down your enemies in style. Strike fear into this multiplayer PvP arena.

PvP Game Modes Galore

Each game mode requires different tactics and skills. Shoot your shot in the every-mech-for-itself combat of Free-For-All. Master the battlefield with Control Point Clash and enjoy fighting with your team in Deathmatch. Set up custom PvP games for your friends if you want to play by your own rules.

35+ Unique Maps

In this online shooter, you can experience epic PvP games in a range of epic arenas. Experiment with a variety of tactics and test different guns to ensure a dramatic fight. Remember, this is a free fire zone – don’t hold back.

Cross-Platform Play

Play on mobile, or try Mech Arena on a bigger screen to enjoy FPS-like intensity with our zoomed-in TPS view! Your mobile and desktop accounts can sync, so you can jump online, grab a gun and enjoy seamless shooting.

Play Your Way

Intuitive, TPS controls make gameplay smooth and easy – essential for fierce, fast fights. Customize your controls just the way you want them.

Special Mech Abilities

Ram into your opponents, leaving robot-shaped wrecks. Use jump jets to find the optimal firing position. Annihilate an enemy shooter from the other side of the map. Abilities are your key to victory in this war.

Elite Mech Pilots

Recruit from a diverse cast to give stat boosts and other combat bonuses to your Mech. Level them up as they join you in battle, up their fighting game with cybernetic implants, and play out their rivalries in the arena.

Tournaments & Events

Compete in weekly PvP tournaments to climb the leaderboards and win big. Take part in epic, themed events that expand the Mech Arena world. Complete regular objectives to pick up awesome rewards.

No WiFi, No Problem

Mech Arena runs smoothly on most 4G/LTE networks, so you can compete in multiplayer combat on-the-go. With short battles lasting a few minutes, it’s perfect for FPS or fighting game fans who want quick, robot-crushing battles.

Please Note:

• Items are available for purchase in this game. Some paid items may not be refundable depending on the type of item.

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